Managing COVID-19 In Grand County
03 20, 2020 News

Managing COVID-19 In Grand County

The Grand Foundation is here to support individuals and businesses during this uncertain time. We want you to know we are working to keep our community safe, supported and healthy. Due to the immediate economic impact of the COVID-19 social distancing, we have established an emergency fund to support those in need.

Grand County Emergency Assistance Fund

Grand Foundation (GF) has established the Emergency Assistance Fund for the COVID-19 pandemic in Grand County. In a coordinated and collaborative effort, we are working closely with Grand County, community nonprofits and agencies providing direct client services. This fund was established to support vulnerable populations and help them through this crisis.

The primary focus areas for this funding will include, but are not limited to: rental/mortgage/utility assistance, food insecurities and grocery access, school districts/primary education support and behavioral health. The Grand Foundation is housing and distributing the funds to the nonprofits or agencies in the county that providing these direct services to our vulnerable populations.

Who is considered part of our vulnerable populations?

Vulnerable populations are identified as: Lower income, seniors, youth, displaced workforce, and at-risk populations including those with underlying health conditions and/ or individuals with a disability.

To Donate

Donations can be made directly to the Grand Foundation earmarked for the “Emergency Assistance Fund” and 100% of all dollars raised will go back out to the community. Currently, the fund is seeded at $150,000.

Donate directly online.


Please Mail to:
PO Box 1342
Winter Park, CO 80482
970-887-3111; Ext. 3

For Applicants

Mountain Family Center will be accepting and administering all applications for rental/mortgage/utility assistance, food insecurities and grocery access. You can reach them at 970-557-3186.

For physical and behavioral health, dental, prescriptions and access to healthcare please reach out Grand County Rural Health Network at 970-725-3477. For all other needs please contact Amy Chamberlin 970-531-4348

Grand County COVID-19 Business Updates

You may be wondering what Grand County businesses are still open to the public. You can find a list of up-to-date list of business operations in the following locations:

Winter Park Chamber of Commerce
Granby Chamber

COVID-19 Resources

Grand County: Grand County Public Health 

Colorado: CDPHE Situation Report, CDPH Website

United States: CDC Situational Report, CDC Website 

Tips from the Center for Disease Control

Even if you aren’t considered “high-risk,” remember to take care of yourself and stay healthy so you can help others within your community. Here are some tips from the Center for Disease Control to keep yourself and others healthy during the outbreak:

Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after you have been in a public place, or after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing. If soap and water are not readily available, use a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol. Avoid touching your nose or mouth if you have not washed your hands.

Practice social distancing. Avoid contact with those who are sick and healthy alike to prevent spreading COVID-19 in our community. It is recommended that event organizers (groups or individuals) cancel or postpone in-person events that consist of 50 people or more.

Stay home if you are sick unless receiving medical care. Additionally, take these steps if you are sick including calling your doctor ahead of time and staying away from others, even within your household.

See more from the CDC

We Are Proud to Support...

Mountain Family Center- For over 40 years Mountain Family Center has been providing essential services to Grand County. MFC is working in collaboration with the county, the school districts, other organizations and agencies, the grocery stores and more to implement the most effective and efficient response possible to COVID-19, and make sure all residents are covered with the services they need. 

Grand County Rural Health Network- Grand County Rural Health Network believes everyone has the right to healthcare and to understand how to access that care. They have the resources and capabilities to help everyone living in our community access care.

Northwest Colorado Health- Northwest Colorado Health believes that everyone deserves the chance to achieve their best health. Every day, they partner with individuals throughout Northwest Colorado at their homes, in their clinics, and in the community because healthy people and families create a healthy community.

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