Help Grand County Bloom This Spring
04 17, 2018

Help Grand County Bloom This Spring

Spring is finally upon us and that means two things: a time of renewal and growth! There’s also one other thing happening in spring: spring-cleaning! Did you know you can help Grand County while doing your spring-cleaning at the same time? Here are a few ideas to help Grand County bloom this spring.

Out With The Old
This is one we all know and love. Whenever spring-cleaning fever strikes, we make it a point to find all the clothes, furniture, knickknacks, and whatnot that we no longer need and toss them out. This year, be sure you donate your old, unused items to your local Grand County charities and shelters so that your items find a second life and help those in need. Not sure where to donate or who is in need? Contact us, we would love to connect you with charities in need.

Local Clean Up
After the snow melts, it becomes apparent that many public spaces are in need of some TLC. Small things like litter pickup and gardening can improve your local corner. Find a local clean up group in your area, find other volunteer opportunities, or just get started on your own.

Help Your Neighbors
Offering support to you neighbors is a great way to help your community where it makes the closest impact to you: your home! Getting to know your neighbors never hurts and if you look out for others, they’ll probably return the favor. It could be something as simple as helping move furniture, yard work, or doing the shopping for an elderly person.

Garage Sale For A Cause
Since you’re helping your neighbor move all that furniture, why not help them sell it too? Many communities make it a point to do a spring-cleaning block party to sell all of their unwanted items. Make the yard sale count this year and donate some or all of your proceeds to the Grand Foundation or any other Grand County nonprofit to make an impact on all of Grand County.

Whether it’s your time or your money, donating one or both is a great way to help Grand County this spring. When you donate to the Grand Foundation, your donation can be leveraged with other dollars to make the most impact on charities you care about. Don’t have the money to donate? Consider the below ways that will get you involved in the Grand County community, but will also be flexible for your schedule

  • Mentor to a young person
  • Befriend a lonely person
  • Visit your local senior center
  • Coach a youth sports team
  • Volunteer at your local schools

  • Help Grand County Bloom This Spring
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