Building Relationships Within Your Community
03 23, 2018 News

Building Relationships Within Your Community

There’s no greater feeling than knowing you’re making a difference. As individuals, we’re limited as to what we can give. That’s why it’s imperative for businesses to give back as well. But, did you know giving back to your community is also good for business?

You might find yourself asking: what if I don’t own a business? That’s fine! Maybe you know someone who does own a business or perhaps your own employer could benefit from philanthropic efforts. Take note and give back to your community by sharing these key points.

Give Meaning to Your Work
In today’s highly competitive market, companies who have embraced philanthropy as a core business practice have found they reap rewards far beyond dollars and cents. Many companies invest millions of dollars each year into marketing, product development, and technology to improve profitability and grow their customer base. But, giving back to what you're passionate about gives meaning to your efforts and connects with your potential customers. Philanthropy lets your customers know you care about the greater good and not just your bottom-line.

Build Awareness for Your Brand & Cause
In the day and age of social entrepreneurship, philanthropy is a great way to build awareness for your brand and cause. One example of this is the NFL’s partnership with The United Way. The NFL Play 60 program, in conjuncture with the United Way, focuses on giving kids access to healthy food options and regular physical activity to help them perform better in school and in life. Through partnership, both the NFL and United Way are able to increase their reach to grow their brands. And, let’s face it, good corporate citizens want to do business with others who share their values.

Build Relationships With Your Customers
It’s no secret, consumers prefer interacting with organizations they respect. By working with your local community through philanthropic work, businesses can establish a brand people feel good about. Volunteering, sponsoring an event or donating creates an opportunity for direct interaction with your local customer base and allows you to build relationships, get feedback, and increase awareness in a positive way for your business.

Engage With Your Employees
Last, but certainly not least: your employees. Employees who believe in their organization’s mission are more likely to invest more into their work. Setting up philanthropic projects for employees can inspire workers, promote an environment of giving, and create some of the best brand ambassadors for your company.

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  • Building Relationships Within Your Community
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