The Brammer Family Fund , a fund of the Grand Foundation

The Brammer Family Fund, a fund of the Grand Foundation, was established to provide financial assistance to Grand County residents and their families who are affected by cancer. Funding is decided based upon need, inclusive of income, family dynamics and unforeseen circumstances. The fund is supported by an annual fundraiser, the “Kickin’ It to Cancer” kickball tournament and donations. This annual event was started to support Traci Brammer in her fight against cancer. Traci lost her battle with cancer in March of 2014 and the event and fund have continued on her behalf. It was Traci’s wish that others inflicted with this disease be able to get the financial support needed to fight the battle. This fund was established in the spirit of Traci’s lust for life and here courageous fight, she will be missed but her memory will live on in support of others. The Brammer Family Fund will partner with all other Grand County Organizations that currently provide these services and subsidies within the county. Applications will be reviewed on a case by case basis and should be submitted when support is needed.

P.O. Box 1342 Winter Park, CO 80482 | (970) 887-3111

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