The G.A.P. (Grand Activities and Programs) Fund established for Grand County Youth

Upcoming G.A.P. Fund Deadlines: October 15, 2016, January 15, 2017 and April 15, 2017 and July 15, 2017.

The Grand Foundation and the Winter Park - Fraser Valley Chamber of Commerce are pleased to continue fundraising efforts for the Grand Foundation's G.A.P. Fund for Youth donor advised fund.

This fund is available to Grand County youth (18 and under) to help provide a financial means to participate in non-academic activities and programs by providing and/or assisting with participation fees.  The G.A.P. Fund (Grand Activities and Programs) is designed to target a section of funding for youth that has not been sufficiently addressed in our local communities.  

There is an application process with deadlines and funding periods.  At this time, the focus of grants given out will be to 501(c)(3), non-profit and service club organizations (i.e. ski schools, recreation districts and competition centers). These entities can apply on behalf of individuals in need.

Note: Starting with the October 2015 Grant Cycle, Daycare expenses will not be considered. GAP Funds for Daycare support will be given directly to Grand Beginnings and requests will be made during a Grand Beginnings grant cycle. Please contact Grand Beginnings for grant request guidelines.

“We are thrilled to partner on this fund.  These grants are just what families need in this fluctuating economy,” states Megan Ledin, Executive Director of the Grand Foundation and Catherine Ross, Director of the Winter Park - Fraser Valley Chamber of Commerce.

A special thank you to all of the volunteers and staff that made this fund possible: Grace Aimar, Kristen Bacon, Erika & Matt Bailey, Cat Barker, TJ Bass, Leah Bishop, Rina Blixt, Asley Bobo, Laura & Bob Boxwell, Sarah Bradford, Traci Brammer, Mike Brannagan, Deanne Bugos, Mark Burg, Anne Burks, Pat Campanello, Carrie & Bob Casals. Maria Chavez, Jennifer Colley, PJ Cross, Dave & Robin Dresen, Trinna & Ted Eckles, Diane Ehlert, Joan Evans, Dave & Stefanie Feek, Karissa Gagnon, Patti & Bucky Gros, Jerry Groswold, Lance Gutersohn, Brent & Mary Beth Hale, Colter & Callie Hale, Alice & Darby Hartmann, Jerry & Jodie Harvey, Amy & Greg Hoover, Tony Howard, Cheryl & Hal Jaeke, April Jenkins, Michael Jordan, Jeremy Kennell, Cheryl Key,  JC Key, Darcee Kissler, Rachel & Scott Knorr, Katrina Larson, Michelle Lawrence, Scott Ledin, Sheri Lock, Brian Madigan, Dan & Mary Ann Madigan, Kim McMahon, Antoinette McVeigh, Dave & Meara Michel, Karla Miller, Linda & Megan Moore, Raine Murdoch, Dave & Karen Murphy, Alyssa Nanda, Stefanie Nelson, Shelly Neibauer, Sudi Newcomer, Tom Newton, Caye & Greg Norwick, Austin O'Keefe, Anne Marie Parnell, Rachel & Shawn Rayburn, George & Kim Roberts, Debi & Greg Roe, Cyndie Saffell, Torrey Sargent, Donette Schmeidbauer, Susan Schwab, Carmen & Jay Silber, Ashley Sifers, Christine & Jon Smith, Stacy Starr, Mark Stefanski, Matt Stefanski, Mike Stefanski, Jen Stuart, Molly & Ryan Turk, Karen Waeschle, Ben & Kathy Watson, Winter Park Music Inc., Carrie Valan, Tina Wolley, Peggy Woods, Amy & Thom Yoder and Kelli and Chuck Yunker.

For questions call the Grand Foundation at 970-887-3111. 

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